About Bronte Gold Corp PLC

Bronte Gold Corp. is a UK incorporated PLC mining acquisition and investment corporation focused on assembling and developing an accretive selection of GOLD property investments in North and South America and elsewhere.

The Bronte Gold corporate objective is to increase shareholder value through astute investment and resource development expenditures, using strong technical analysis, while respecting the utmost in governance practices.

Bronte Gold is applying to be traded on the Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange (DCSX), www.dcsx.cw  under the symbol GOLD with a reciprocal listing on the Bourse Frankfurt Xetra market www.boerse-frankfurt.de. Bronte Gold expect to also initiate a Public Fundrasing with an European platfom based in UK during the second quarter of the year.

The timing of proposed Bronte Gold activities is advantageous due to the rising price of Gold (US$1,500-1,600 ++ / oz.) The company has been established to take advantage of the opportunities available in the markets due to the long term prospects for Gold.

Numerous opportunities exist today for the acquisition and assembly of quality, exploration and past producing gold and precious metals mining assets at very advantageous prices.

The Bronte Gold management team is comprised of highly experienced mining and international business executives with well over a hundred years of industry and investment experience.