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Stock Symbol Approval For: GOLD

We are happy to announce the stock symbol approval for Bronte Gold N.V.

Bronte Gold N.V. is pending registration with the Trade Register in Curaçao, and will become part of Bronte Harbor Acquisitions Group, headquartered in Canada (“Bronte Group”). Bronte Group specializes in mining of gold and other precious metals. Bronte Group managed to acquire 53 Arizona mining claims and can get access to more promising mining claims.  In order to finance the exploration of existing claims and purchase more promising claims, Bronte Group prepares for an IPO via the Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange. The IPO of Bronte Gold n.v. will be open to professional and sophisticated investors and, provided sufficient local substance, form an eligible investment for Curaçao Investor Permit applicants.

Reserved stock code: GOLD

Approval date: April 9, 2020

Listing Adviser (LAD): PYGG Corporate Finance B.V.

LAD contact: Frank Lammers |